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Important for boaters to carry flares, says RNLI

Margate RNLI

It is important for boaters to carry flares to attract attention in an emergency, says the RNLI.

The comments came after two occupants of a sinking speedboat were rescued by RNLI Margate crew one evening in July.

Lee Button, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate RNLI says, “The satisfactory outcome here in the failing light was due to their plight being seen from on shore and called in to the coastguard as soon as it was suspected they were encountering difficulties, and that they were wearing lifejackets, never underestimate their value. Having means of attracting attention including flares is also important.”

Concerned relatives called UK Coastguard and reported the speedboat occupants were clinging to a tide gauge beacon. This was half a mile from Margate Harbour.

The crew of Margate’s D class inshore lifeboat, Alfred Alexander Staden, was asked to investigate. They spotted two occupants, wearing lifejackets in the water and took them on board for medical checks.

The engine had failed on the 12ft outboard-powered speedboat off Palm Bay. The boat, which was sinking and partly submerged at the beacon, was subsequently towed to shore.

The stock photo of the Margate inshore lifeboat is courtesy of RNLI Margate, Margate lifeboat station has been operating since 1860.

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