The leading supplier of marine distress signals for over 100 years

About Comet

When you specify lifesaving equipment for your vessel, you need to know beyond any doubt that it is the most reliable and cost-effective available. With Comet advanced pyrotechnic marine distress signals, you can be sure you have made the right choice.

Brand heritage

Comet was founded in the German city of Bremerhaven in the 1930s, by Friedrich Wilhelm Sander who was a weapons engineer, although the origins of the company trace back to 1853.
The creation of the brand was the beginning of the company manufacturing line throwers and rockets for the marine industry. By 1960, Comet was a well-known and respected global pyrotechnic company.
Comet rockets, flares and smoke signals can be found on the bridges, life rafts and lifeboats of Naval and merchant ships, fishing boats and yachts all over the world.
Today, the quality, technological superiority and innovative design of the Comet range, combined with worldwide approvals and manufacturing to ISO 9001 standard, ensure that the company's products are still market-leaders.

Global Distribution

With distributors in over 70 countries, our range of SOLAS, MED and USCG approved distress signals is available in most major ports worldwide.

In addition, we have a highly skilled Sales, Marketing, Technical and Logistics team on hand to provide expert advice and information on the Comet product range and the distributors of the products in your area.

Quality & Safety

Safety is our business and our primary focus is, and always will be, saving lives at sea. The reputation of Comet has been built on a corporate culture infused with excellence and a mindset of safety above all else, recognising that our products are critical lifesaving appliances that may one day be relied upon.

We work closely with our extensive distributor network, and with leading authorities and government bodies, to campaign for best practice at sea – from the safe disposal of flares to raising awareness about counterfeit products and the importance of carrying the best quality safety equipment on board at all times.

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