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Light & Smoke Signal (version now replaced)

Light & Smoke Signal (version now replaced)

SOLAS requires one of these markers to be mounted on each Bridgewing attached to a 4kg lifebuoy. Mounted in it's steel bracket on each Bridgewing attached to a lifebuoy. Signal can be mounted upto 60m above sea level. (SOLAS only requires>30m). Produces dense orange smoke for 15 minutes and 2 lights burn at 2 candela for 2 hours minimum. Signals location of a man overboard by day or night.

Order Codes:

  • 9161600

SOLAS Approved Product - Replaced by new version

Product Datasheet
pdf Datasheet - 9161600 - Light & Smoke Signal(PDF695.5 KB)
Height 453 mm (17.8 inches)
Diameter 275 mm (10.8 inches)
Weight 4.7 Kg
Weight- Including Bracket 6.7 Kg
Temp Op Min -1 °C
Temp Op Max 30 °C (86.0 °F)
Temp Store Min -30 °C
Temp Store Max 65 °C (149.0 °F)
Light Color White
Light Burn Time Minimum 2 hrs
Light Intensity 2 candela
Lamps Bulbs 2X2.4 V 1.2 A
Flare Color Orange
Flare Burn Time Minimum 15 min
When to Use

In event of a man overboard emergency, the marker iis automatically deployed by releasing the attached 4kg lifebuoy and marks position of the casualty. Or signal can also be manually deployed.

Storage Requirements

Ideally should be original packing in a dry easily accessed location at ambient temperature.


Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly through approved channels in accordance with local regulations.

Type Fibreboard Box
Maximum Quantity Per Pack 2
Pack Dimensions 40 x 25 x 49 cm
Estimate Gross Weight 14.4 Kg
Estimate Net Weight 13.4 Kg
Net Explosive Content Per Pack 3.44 Kg
Hazard Class 1.4S
UN Number UN0507: Signals, smoke
Transport Method Road, Sea or Air