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Boatie fires flare after craft overturns

Westpac helicopter

A lone boatie fired a flare to alert rescuers after his vessel overturned near Cudgen, New South Wales, in Australia.

The man, who was in a small boat, was saved by a passing craft, along with Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter and Marine Rescue, reports the northernstar website.

A member of the public saw the overturned boat early one may morning off the Cudgen Headland and raised the alarm.

Marine Rescue Point Danger Commander Glenda Ashby says, "There was a flare sighting off Cudgen Headland.

"First of all, they thought it was an overturned jetski but it was a vessel with one person on board, who had let off the flare and his orange V-sheet out."

The rescue helicopter arrived first and monitored the situation. Then another vessel took the man on board, righted the boat and towed it back to Cudgen Creek, escorted by Marine Rescue.

The stock picture is courtesy of Westpac Lifesaver Rescue’s Facebook page.

May 15, 2018