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Linethrower 250 - Body and Line ONLY

Linethrower 250 - Body and Line ONLY

Self-contained linethrowing appliance. Plastic launcher with 250m of 4mm dia line. Needs to be fitted with 9162700 rocket prior to use. Typically 4 units required to be carried on SOLAS vessels. Replace container along with every third set of rockets i.e. after 9 years. Non-hazardous for transport without rocket fitted.

SOLAS / USCG Approved Product

Weight 4,3 Kg
Temp Op Min -30 °C
Temp Op Max 65 C (149.0 °F)
Temp Store Min -30 °C
Temp Store Max 65 C (149.0 °F)
Ignition Method Twist-grip Trigger
When to Use

All line throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship to shore, shore to ship an shore based rescue services. Can be used to pass a line to swimmers in distress or across rivers or ravines.

Storage Requirements

Ideally should be stored in the robust, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.


NON Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly and with due care for the environment

Type Fibreboard Box
Maximum Quantity Per Pack 1
Pack Dimensions 37 x 27 x 26 cm
Estimate Gross Weight 4.28 Kg
Estimate Net Weight 3.73 Kg
Transport Method Road, Sea or Air