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Australian boaters rescued thanks to flares and lifejackets

Stinky Bay Australia

Eight boaters were rescued in South Australia in separate incidents thanks to carrying flares and lifejackets.

The first lucky escape came as a boat containing four men capsized off Stinky Beach, Nora Creina, because of large waves.

The men were about 1km out to sea in their 4.2metre aluminium dinghy and were all wearing lifejackets, South Australia police report.

One of the men swim ashore to raise the alarm while the others clung to the boat and were saved by a local fisherman.

All four men, two aged in their 60s and two aged in their 20s, were not injured. The capsized boat was retrieved.

In another incident, four men in a 6.5metre fishing boat took on water when 5km off shore, 50km north of Kingston.

They fired a flare and were rescued from the water by a nearby vessel as their boat sunk.

The four men, aged 21-52 from Naracoorte, did not sustain any injuries. The boat was recovered later that day after washing up on the beach.

The main image is from Google Maps.

May 03, 2017